Get rid of Dandruff

EVERY person in this universe loves to be called beautiful. Afterall appreciation boost the positivity. Beauty can be divided into — outer and inner beauty. Inner beauty is a vast topic to discuss but right now we are discussing outer beauty. Outer beauty means overall personality which contains physical make up, skin and hair. Healthy hair indicates our status of lifestyle. There are many disorders related to hair. Dandruff is one of them.
What is Dandruff? Dry white flakes of skin on our scalp is known as dandruff. Actually dandruff is not a big health risk but it may embarrass you. Our scalp normally shed some skin but when this shedding is excessive it creates dandruff.It is not due to bad hygienic habit but it may occur in a hygienic person also. Few concept behind it is yeast fungus which is believed to breed in a combination of sebaceous oil and dead skin cells.
Causes: A family history of dandruff, excessive sweating of the scalp, cold dry winter season, Psoriasis of scalp, improper carbohydrate and sugar consumption, due to deficiency of B-complex, essential fatty acids and selenium and in some cases it may be due to excessive mental and physical stress.
Symptoms: Flakes of skin which may be small and white or large and yellow, itching on scalp and eyebrows worse in winter. Sometime showering of dandruff on face is responsible for pimples and acne.
Do’s and Don’ts: Avoid fatty and oily food, cheese, sugar, excess alcohol, stress, harsh hair dyes and hair creams etc. Consume plenty of water, diet rich in Vitamin ‘A’ and `E’. Soft and gentle massage of scalp is advisable as it improve blood circulation and prevent skin dryness. Use mild shampoo once or twice in a weak.
Role of Homoeopathy in Dandruff:As Homoeopathy medicines are scientifically proved on healthy human being, they are very effective in treating each and every disorder. While treating dandruff homeopath first consider the exact reason behind it, then the physical and mental build up of patient and then he reaches at remedy. For dandruff there are many drugs present in Homoeopathy but every patient deserve the specific remedy according to his constitution. Same lotions and same drugs can work partially but a well selected remedy according to individuality achieve better cure. To get rid of dandruff temporarily is not our motto, to kick off it permanently is our goal.