Paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function for one or more muscle groups. There is loss of feeling in affected area.

Causes – damage to brain may be due to head injury or any other infection, stroke guillain-barre syndrome, due to action of poison or few drugs.

Role of homoeopathy – it can cure any type of paralysis then it may be due to rheumatic origin, by getlin wet, exposure to dampness due to nervous fever hysterical origin etc.. Homoeopathy can treat the paralysis of single part also paralysis from emotions can be cured only with homoeopathy. Progressive spinal paralysis or paralysis from fatty degeneration of nerve cells calls homoeopathy. Sometimes there is paralysis from fatigue and it also can be cured with magic drugs of homoeopathy.


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a collection of symptoms and infections resulting from the specific damage to the immune system causes by the HIV – human immune deficiency virus in human beings.

Symptoms – frequent fever and sweating aggravation night, swelling in glands, fatigue and unexplained weight loss.

Complications –
1) Lungs disorder – major pneumonia, tuberculosis,
2) Chronic inflammation in esophagus and unexplained chronic loose motions.
3) Malignancy

Role of homoeopathy – in every disease the first action of homoeopathy is to arouse immunity and to increase resistance power so that one can fight with virus of aids.


A ringing , buzzing and whistle like sound heard in the ear due to allergy, changes in blood pressure, tumor, diabetes, thyroid problem and any ( History of) H/O   – head or neck injury of causes uneasiness to the patient.


Opacity of lenses is known as cataract which causes blurred, doubled, and foggy vision. There may be cloudy vision. Patient is sensitive to light.

Complications – impaired vision, blindness and glaucoma.

Role of homoeopathy – helpful in every type and every state of cataract, prevent surgery and prevent complications, it improves vision.