Radha is now 17 years old girl but still she doesn’t menstruate and this is readily a high risk matter for her future. Absence of menses during reproductive life is termed as Amenorrhoea. It is a symptom and not a disease itself. It is divided into –

1.    Pseudo amenorrhoea which is also known as ayptomenorrhoea or concealed menses. There is retention of menstrual discharge in uterine cavity.

2.    True amenorrhoea- it is again classified into two types

a.    Physiological and

b.    Pathological amenorrhoea.

Physiological a lady doesn’t menstruate before puberty, during pregnancy, during lactation and after menopause.

When even at the age of 18 years menses does not sfat the condition is known as pei, pathological amenorrhoea. The probable causes are pituitary alwarfism, hypothyroidism, insulin dependent Diabetes, non canalization of cervix, congenital absence of uterus, congenital aplasia of ovaries means (small ovaries), delayed puberty, malnutrition etc.

In secondary pathological amenorrhoea there is no congential deformity; mensed fails to recus after it has been normally established. The probable causes are cervical or vaginal stenosis, tubercular infection in uterus, repeated cusratage, polycystic ovasian disease, tumous of ovary, pituitary adenoma, any changes in thyroid gland harmones, diabetes, severe amaemia etc.. Sometimes few oral contraceptive tablets causing hyper-prolactinaemia leads sec. amenorrhoea.

These patients need careful examination with required investigations. In homoeopathy it is already mentioned that the cause should be treated and not the symptom- as amenorrhoea is a symptom the underline disease must be treated, so the history of the patient should be properly recorded. It should include age of patient, marital status, any H/O – using seal contraceptive, any history of mumps in childhood, any past H/O – tuberculosis or ganorrhoea. The development of secondary sexual characters is normal or not should also be noted with the above history the lab investigations should be done if required with homoeopathy the congenital problems can be only controlled and menses become regular. The causes which are not congential can be treated by making immunity strong and hence the vital power of patient this resistance power gets increased. But before selection of the remedy homoeopathy consider mental status first because only mind can individualizes human being. Even the twin sister taking aid for amenorrhoea has different medicine because of their different mental status. So for balancing the harmones without any side effects the root cause should be treated and for searching the root cause physical and mental, both the planes should be considered. Without mind, body is zero so how it is possible to cure the person without mental symptom considering the physical plane only? That is only palliation of symptoms and not the cure. “Cure” is to treat the person as a whole and not only a body part. Homoeopathy has lot of good medicines for all types of amenorrhoea and its causes. It also helps to prevent the complications arising from hormonal imbalancing due to amenorrhoea.


Allergic dermatitis means itchy skin. But skin shows allergy only after prolonged exposure to it, this is due to our resistance power. The most common allergens are nickel, rubber, perfumes, iron etc. Sometimes skin become allergic to particular vegetables and flowers also. We can observe the redness and itching on the contacted part first and ten it spreads over. A different part of the body becomes allergic by different allergens. The face and neck suffer from allergy due to cosmetics and jewelry. Inaxilla we have allergy due to deodorants and clothes. Allergy on the wrist can be due to the mental band of the wrist watch. Some can also be allergic to ointments which are externally applied for piles. Hair dye can also cause itching and corruption in the scalp. How much we react to the allergen depends on our resistance power and immunity. As we know that we can get rid of allergy by only two ways;

1] Keep yourself if away from the allergen
2] Improve your immunity, by building it up to that level where the allergensa do not affect.
It cannot attack on your body and as we all know the basic law of homoeopathy is to improve immunity after taking proper care and that will proper care and that will protect your body from every external attack of allergy.

Enjoy Your Life

Aditya likes to be alone, he tries to avoid people and has become very irritable now a days. He is suffering from sleeplessness, has the feels hunger but does not like any food and so avoids eating. His complaints of constipation and extreme weakness. He suffers from lack of self confidence, suicidal thoughts, and has become very sentimental and moody.

What is this? What has happened to him? Why is a dead mind living in a live body? Why? The answer is only one – he is suffering from depression. There may be many causes behind it, but the patient becomes sad frequently and feels that he is good for nothing. Any mental shock, an insult, heredity, a big loss, a chronic disease, ex-thyroiloism, epilepsy, crushing syndrome etc. may be the elementary factors.

In few obese people the in ferity complex gives birth to negative attitude which in long term provides soil for depression. Mental stress and tension is the first ladder for depression. There may be sudden palpitation, numbness in extremities’, irritation even at slightest cause, headache, tremors, weeping mood, loss of taste, wants to be alone with fear of being alone, silly mistake in writing, wandering mind, loss of weight and finding faults in others are the symptoms present more or less in depression patients.

Drinking, smoking or tobacco chewing makes person joyous and fresh for a short time but its frequent intake cause depression. Sometimes few drugs given for sleep and convulsion for long term increases depression.

In few patients we can see periodic depression; it means that at a particular or at change of weather they get depressive attack. Material causes can vary but the major basic cause for depression is a sick and weak mind. Only homoeopathy considers the importance of mind and we know that a healthy mind can rule the body properly.

So while treating depression, only those drugs should be selected which can provide a real strength to the mind, body and immunity. Homoeopathy is safe for these patients as it is harmless can be given for long time and it doesn’t make the patient drowsy. Homoeopathy is for human care and cure. So now forget depression be confident and enjoy your life.

Frequent Abortions

Neelam, has conceived for many times, but faced sudden miscarriage every time. Many patients are there who are victims of frequent miscarriages. Actually lot of cause are behind it for examples – tumour in the uterus, relaxed uterine muscles, hypertension caused to the mother during pregnancy, chronic renal disease, diabetes, physical exertion, vigorous exercise, frequent coition during early pregnancy, mental stress, hormone imbalance, specially progesterone and thyroid hormone, ovarian tumour, retroverted uterus, etc.

Sometimes different blood group of husbands and wife become the major cause. If mother is Rh +ve and father is Rh –ve then the foetus blood group is usually Rh +ve, it creates antibodies in mother’s blood which cause more breaking down of RBCs and increase the chances of a miscarriage. Miscarriage means termination of pregnancy before 28 weeks, at the time foetus weight is always less than 1000gm.

Our body doesn’t allow any foreign body to enter inside, sometimes by mistake, the male sperm is also considered as foreign body and is thrown outside which prevent pregnancy. There are many types of miscarriages – such as spontaneous, complete, and incomplete and some due to uterine infections. Whatever may be the type, but the most important factor is to find out the cause behind it and to cure the ailment.

In few patient, all the medical investigations are normal, here homoeopathy plays important role as it considers physical as well as psychological symptoms in every disease.

According to homoeopathy, the miscarriages are due to low immunity and deranges constitution, which provides the favorable condition for the secondary causes (as given above) to take place in the body. Homoeopathy improves the immunity and makes the body perfect for healthy pregnancy. It is safe as it does not have any side effects. In homoeopathy, specific remedies are there according to the month in which the miscarriage usually takes place, example – miscarriage in the third, fifth and seventh month have different medicines listed. Fearsome or anxious nature also causes miscarriage in few hyper – sensitive females; homoeopathy reduces anxiety and hence prevents miscarriage. A female is not only a body, but a mind and heart and homoeopathy pays importance to the mental symptoms in curing the tendency of frequent miscarriages.