WE ALL enjoy the rain with hot coffee, corn lot of delicious food, but at the same time we should be alert about the disease prominently occurring in rainy season. In monsoon, water is usually contaminated causing lot of water-born and other disease. We find jaundice, diarrhea in this season, but in 2006 Chicken Guniya and in 2009 Swine flu occurred in the month of August. Few diseases like sinusitis, asthma, rheumatic pins and skin eruption gets aggravated in monsoon. Hepatitis is a water born disease, the patient suffering from jaundice has persistent nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, extreme weakness, low-grand fever, pain in right hypochondria ,constipation, yellow discoloration in eye, yellow coating of tongue and irritability. Few indicative per-jaundice symptoms are disliking for food, disturbed sleep, pain in right scapular region, trembling in body, uneasiness in abdomen and nausea of continuous pattern. Jaundice or hepatitis is a result inflammatory change in liver. Bile is formed in liver which helps indigestion. If bile is obstructed due to any pathology for e.g. presence of gall bladder stone, the bile instead of going in stomach and intestine mixes with blood. In blood, liver has few main functions like bile formation, helps in excretion glycogen storage, to throw the toxin out from the body.

As homoeopathy a single part of body can never be diseased, it is whole person who is sick. It’s a common belief that jaundice is due to viral infection through contaminated food or water, but when all the family members drink the same water and only one or two are suffering from jaundice and not the whole family, this creates confusion? Homoeopathy believes every individual is different immunity and any disease can attack you only when it resistance power is low. Homoeopathy has lot of medicines for symptomatic treatment of jaundice such as Lyco, NuxVom, China, Bryonia, Ocinum etc. Itaiso has few preventive medicines of the body when it is well selected by an expert.

Precaution: The water and food should be hygienic. Avoid oily food, milk, cream and butter during jaundice. Sugarcane juice is advisable as it provide glucose to the body.

When the patients start feeling a good appetite, this is the first sign of recovery.

Study -Oh No !

To achieve something in life we must study hard but many children, no I think almost every child feel it as a bore job, but still they have to do it. By practice gradually children start writing and learning, if they face any major difficulty in learning and understanding the study then it is known as learning disability. We all mate Darshil safari in the movie ‘Tare Jamin Par ’ as a victim of Dyslexia i.e. the mistakes in reading, writing and spellings. Children psychology is a vast chapter and really difficult to understand. Today we will discuss about various troubles arising in studies. Many of the time parents have a common complaint about their kids that they are very careless, having no concentration In studies, they do frequent mistakes in spellings even after a lot of practice, there is confusion while using the small and capital matras in Hindi and Marathi. Children get frequent scolding and punishment for the above complaints from their parents. When the child cannot analyzes or explain anything even after proper consideration then it is called ‘learning disability.’ There is no emotional and behavioral disorder in these children. They have a normal capacity of understanding. It is mostly a hereditary problem occurs in 30-35% children only. When schooling start, the child has to face the letters and at that time only this learning disability (L.D.) is diagnosed. In L.D., Dyslexia, Dyscalculia means difficulty in numbers and months, Dysgraphia means difficulty in collecting the thoughts and write it, Dyspracsia means hands cannot write or explain those things which eyes can watch and consider i.e. disco-ordination between eyes and hands, APD and VPD i.e. difficulty in recognizing maps, charts or symbols etc.. The probable causes for L.D. are heredity, head injury during process of birth and only in few cases premature birth is also responsible. These children has delayed talking, cannot distinguish colors and shapes, mistakes in pronunciation and writing, forgets given work, difficulty in reorganization numbers, confusion in ‘b and d’;’6 and 9’ even they take long time for tying the shoe less.

Instead of getting irritate, parents should keep patience and spend more time with them. Don’t expect a lot from him and don’t compare him, with anybody else. Show confidence and trust in him. Today we have a very advance medical science and homoeopathy is the only branch of this godly science which based on psychology even for the physical diseases! Then who else than homoeopathy can understand the feelings and mental status of the child? it consider all the emotions, for any inferity complex, insecurity of mind, dreams, nightmares, bed wetting, salivary secretion from mouth during sleep and so on and obviously the family history for selection of medicine, which help in changing the mental plane and make the life easier.

Moth’s Spots

IF A fair has mole on the face then it is known as beauty spot but if one has lot of black spot on the face then it is definitely, not the beauty, but a fact which embarrasses you a lot after all face have cosmetic value. Actually these spots are known as moth’s spot or chloasma. In the pregnant lady, there are lots of changes in the body. Few hormones during pregnancy stimulate the melamine pigmentation which is responsible for darkening of the skin. This melamine deposits mainly on the skin of cheeks, nose and neck. After labor the spot disappears by itself. Sometimes the hormones in the contraceptive pills or injections may stimulate melamine pigmentation

In few hypersensitive individual there is moth’s spot due to intolerance to be particular perfume. As soon as the use of that perfume is stopped the spot start disappearing. In few ladies, moth spots can be observed during menopause due to hormonal changes. We cannot clear these moth spots with the help of any external cream or lotion.

Homoeopathy can definitely help you to clear the skin with wonderful remedies. Our skin has five layers. As per law of Homoeopathy there should not be any medicated external application for any kind of discoloration or itching as it may suppress them towards the inner layer of skin. Homoeopathy is scientific system of medicine which believes in throwing disease away from the body and not inside the body. So that disease can be treated from the roots and provides permanent relief.


NORMALLY white color is considered as a sign of peace but sometimes it can be associated with trouble. Actually leucorrhoea is white discharge associated with females. It contains excessive leucocytes. It is non purulent discharge. Vaginal infection is the commonest cause. When the discharge is in small quantity, it work as a lubricant, which doesn’t stain or moisten the under clothes, is known as physiological vaginal discharge. If the secretion is discharge, the lady feels weakness and cramps in legs.

Leucorrhoea is seen even in neonates for a week due to maternal oestrogen, at puberty due to hormonal changes, during pregnancy due to vascularity of genital tract and in few cases, leucorrhoea is a result of excitement. If the lady has physical leucorrhoea, any swelling in the uterus and its surrounding areas, cervical erosion, cancer of cervix, chronic vaginitis, any infra uterine contraceptive device lick Copper-T, she may suffer from leucorrhoea. In few women leucorrhoea may occur due to sudden emotional changes like joy or fear. Anaemia, any cut in perineum during labour, uterine fibroids and protrusion of uterus from vagina favor leucorrhoea. It may be thick or thin, yellow, cream or white, watery, transparent, sticky, stringy with burning and itching and with offensive odour, changes according to individual body status.

Sometimes the discharge is gushing, is running down to heels, spoiling the patient’s clothes, causing severe cramps in legs. The patients suffering from such type of discharge avoids going out, preferring to stay at home. This tendency leads to mental irritation. If leucorrhoea is burning and acrid in nature it refers this burning towards urine. The patient must take an antiseptic; wash3 to4 times a day and should always wear completely dry clothes.

If we want to get rid of leucorrhoea, we should treat the basic cause behind it. In some cases leucorrhoea is the secondary symptom after coition; here the male should be treated. Homoeopathy has lot of wonderful remedies for it but ultimately the medicine selection depends upon individualization because every lady is different from the other.