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Chocolate : is it medicine?

THE Mayas have taken cocoa seeds with them on their migration to South. They settled in the land which were eventually dominated by the Aztec. The Aztec were a vase, empire of the worshippers of the sun and of the plumed serpent; the God `Quetzalcoatr founder of the race.They believed that it was he who had created cocoa as a divine gift to relieve fatigue and provide a reasonable rest. In our practice, patients, often reported the adverse effects of eating chocolates, sornetinies resulting in severe symptoms. Addiction for the chocolate is an emotional phenomenon. Inpatients, the desire k iten arose at times of emotional stress especially regarding relationship. Dr Jeremy Sherr F.S. (Homoeopathy) R.S. (Hom) from Society of Homoeopaths, England, has undertaken the proving of chocolate and made i t useful as a medicine.
The research has showed a frohnection between chocolate and enzymes produeed when people fall in love; there is an affinity between chocolate and the hormonal system. The need for chocolate often appeared in connection with menses.Chocolate is known to contain many substances that affect the heart.The end product of chocolate is composed of carbohydrate, fat, protein, water, caffeine, theobromine and ash.It is a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They also contain small quantity of Vit A, B and B2. Recently the fact has come to light that it also contains the chemical, phenylethyfamine, which is produced by the brain when we are in love.
There are few myths about chocolates:
a) It increases weight –¬† No!. Latest scientific research shows that occasional intake of chocolate is not capable to produce obesity, in fact it provides ten times energy in proportion to its size.
b) It causes tooth decay – In fact the theobromine in chocolate (cocoa) actually inhibits the streptococcal infection which is responsible for the cavity in the tooth.
c) Chocolates create acne: Limited intake can never harm your skin. Many psychologists see chocolate as an emotional substitute or replacement for love. Many people when depressed or lacking in vital energy will instinctively look for chocolate. When a person is in love, the brain secrets phenylethylamine in the saliva. The broken hearted, love-sick people lack the secretion of phenylethylamine. This condition is called as ‘hysteria dysphoria’ and hence there is a subconscious desire for chocolate in the disappointed lovers. The patients of few particular diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroidism, obesity and even a normal person can never be suggested to consume a large quantity of chocolate. For treating ‘hysteria dysphoria’, one can consume the proved homoeopathic drug ‘chocolate’ but only an expert can decide the potency.

Get rid of Dandruff

EVERY person in this universe loves to be called beautiful. Afterall appreciation boost the positivity. Beauty can be divided into — outer and inner beauty. Inner beauty is a vast topic to discuss but right now we are discussing outer beauty. Outer beauty means overall personality which contains physical make up, skin and hair. Healthy hair indicates our status of lifestyle. There are many disorders related to hair. Dandruff is one of them.
What is Dandruff? Dry white flakes of skin on our scalp is known as dandruff. Actually dandruff is not a big health risk but it may embarrass you. Our scalp normally shed some skin but when this shedding is excessive it creates dandruff.It is not due to bad hygienic habit but it may occur in a hygienic person also. Few concept behind it is yeast fungus which is believed to breed in a combination of sebaceous oil and dead skin cells.
Causes: A family history of dandruff, excessive sweating of the scalp, cold dry winter season, Psoriasis of scalp, improper carbohydrate and sugar consumption, due to deficiency of B-complex, essential fatty acids and selenium and in some cases it may be due to excessive mental and physical stress.
Symptoms: Flakes of skin which may be small and white or large and yellow, itching on scalp and eyebrows worse in winter. Sometime showering of dandruff on face is responsible for pimples and acne.
Do’s and Don’ts: Avoid fatty and oily food, cheese, sugar, excess alcohol, stress, harsh hair dyes and hair creams etc. Consume plenty of water, diet rich in Vitamin ‘A’ and `E’. Soft and gentle massage of scalp is advisable as it improve blood circulation and prevent skin dryness. Use mild shampoo once or twice in a weak.
Role of Homoeopathy in Dandruff:As Homoeopathy medicines are scientifically proved on healthy human being, they are very effective in treating each and every disorder. While treating dandruff homeopath first consider the exact reason behind it, then the physical and mental build up of patient and then he reaches at remedy. For dandruff there are many drugs present in Homoeopathy but every patient deserve the specific remedy according to his constitution. Same lotions and same drugs can work partially but a well selected remedy according to individuality achieve better cure. To get rid of dandruff temporarily is not our motto, to kick off it permanently is our goal.

Know more about Squint

When a car loses its aligment it does not run properly in straight direction isn’t it? The same happens with eyes, when there is misalignment in two eyes, the both
eyes cannot look in same direction and that is known as Squint.
This alignment may get disturb constantly as only for some-time in a day. It is common in children but may occurs in adults.
When eyes are not aligned properly each eye focus on differ-ent object and brain gets two different signals leading to confu-sion and may have these effects — _
1. A child may ignored the image coming from the deviated eye and thus sees only one image, this suppression of image from deviated eye result in poor development of vision in this eye which is called as Amblyopia.
2. An adult has double vision, Dipropia because he can not ignore the image.
Squint can be classified as following
Depends upon angle/ degree as severity
1. Concomitant squint — Angle of squint is same in all direc-tion that you look. The two eyes move well, all muscles are work-ing, only alignment is missing.
2. Incomitant squint: The angle may vary when you look to left there may be no squint and eyes are aligned.
B) By the direction of turning eye :
C) 1. Constant 2. Intermittant
D) 1. Manifest Squint: Eye turn when open..
2. Latent Squint Eye turn when shut
E) Childhood Squint: Squint is common in first 3 years of life. In many cases of childhood squint, the reason is not known. In some cases the disorder of eye muscles, eyes, brain or nerves are there.
Causes: The movement of each eye is controlled by six muscles– That pull eye in var-ious direction. They are supe-rior, inferior, medial lateral mus-
cles and superior and inferior oblique muscles. Squint develops when these muscles do not work in a balanced way and the eyes do not move together correctly. Loss of co-ordination between the muscles of two eyes lids to misalignment.
Congenital Squint : Here the child is born with a squint. In most cases one eye turns inward, it is known as infantile esotropia, There is some genetic component to this type of squint.
F) Squint related to refractory errors : 1. Myopia — short sight, 2. Hyperopia — lone sight. 3. Astiematism. There arises due to
G) Other causes : A squint may develop in some children with ceribralpalsy,brain injury and various other¬† condition.Whena homoeopath deals a case of squint he prescribe I medicine after studying all above ,mentioned factors as well as I consider many more symptor such as — squint during or after brain diseases, is it on alternate day, during dentition, with diarhoea, is it convergent or dive gent, is it associated with meni gities as menstrual’ irregularitie is there any complaint of night terror or any type of fear, is
occurring after abdominal irritation, wormy diathesis, reading awhile, is the patent has sick look of face with dark circle around the eyes, is it period and painless and so on.
In homoeopathy there are lot of remedies for nerves, muscle veins, arteries etc. To balance the alignment between two eye not the only task for Homoeopathy but why there is this mi alignment is the main issue, then it may be either genetical non genetical. Homoeopathy start its work from the centre of tl disease and hence it improves the immunity makes the constit

Take care of your kidneys

YESTERDAY I visited a patient of chronic renal failure, admitted in hospital since last 10 days.He is on dialysis. All investigations are severe pathology and now he is struggling for life. But what about cure? Is it possible at this stage?
No. To achieve a perfect cure at this stage is not possible. But in the beginriing stage of disease, if proper diagnosis was done, the cure is possible. Every disease which is not congenital has a root cause behind i t s d e v e l o p m e n t . As Homoeopathy says — the root cause behind every disease is different in every person.Though the sign and symptoms and mechsim of perticular desiase is simmilar but as every individual is different the root cause and the way of reaction to the disease is also different and hence the selection of drug and mode of treatment is also unique according to constitution (mental + physical build up) of the person.
Now what is chronic renal failure i.e. CRF. It is a condition where there is gradual and progressive loss of ability of the kidney to function normally.
Causes: It is divided into a) primary
and b) secondary causes.
a) Primary causes: 1. Due to glomerular pathology i.e. glomerular nephritis, IGA Nephropathy etc.
2. Vascular causes: Due to hypertension, all types of infections such as pyelonephritis, toxic effects of drugs such as analgesics, obstructive nephropathy such as stone and congenital pelvo-ureteric junction.
b) Secondary causes: Where CRF occurs as to the secondary manifestation of any other disease such as hypertension, diabetes and SLE. Generally kidney do not show any sign of disturbance till 25 % of one part is working and 75 % part is damaged. Clinical sign and symptoms of CRF are divided into
1. Primary Uremic manifestations like
— Metabolic acidosis resulting in increase in Potassium level decrease in Sodium and Calcium level
— Excessive uric acid in blood.
— Increased urea, creatine in blood.
2. Secondary uremic manifestations are:
— Anemia, itching without eruption because of deposit of urochrome in skin, pulmonary oedema, acetaemia causes mucosal oedema of stomach resulting into nausea, vomiting and constipation.
– Hyderlipidaemia, Neurological manifestation like convulsions, swelling on the body due to water retention and congestive cardiac failure.
Diet recommendation in CRF
— Avoid anything raw in the form of food because this will increase the Potassium level of blood.
— Moderate fat intake — white of an egg can be given, avoid yellow part.
— Fluid intake should be restricted upto 1-11/2 lit. per day to avoid any load to kidney.
— Diet containing iron and calcium is suggested.
— Avoid all tinned, baked food and soft drinks. Avoid pickle.
The BP and diabetes must be kept under control so that further damage can be avoided. Stop analgesics. Remove the obstructive cause if any.Homoeopathy has a vast range of remedies arising from vegetable, animal, mineral and even synthetic source for all type of kidney disorders.
These drugs are selected on the basis of individualisation and hence the resistance power of the patient increases .
As Homoeopathy does not have any adverse effect, one can consume it till long time if required.

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