Dr Kavita Chandak from Nagpur presents research papers at LMHI Homeopathic World Congress 2017 at Germany

Nagpur’s well-known homeopath Dr Kavita Chandak recently got the honour to publish her four research papers and deliver lectures at LMHI Homeopathic World Congress 2017 at Leipzig, Germany. The conference, which was held in collaboration with Wisshom, was attended by world famous homeopaths.

Dr Chandak delivered two presentations on the topic ‘Amazing role of natrum muriaticum in dentistry’ and ‘The role of nosodes in curing cystitis, justifying the therapeutic law of nature’ respectively.

Dr Chandak through her presentation explained the benefits of homeopathy in dentistry and urological disorders. She released her two research papers in the form of posters. The topics were ‘Snake remedies – boon for coagulopathies’ and ‘Psychiatric case of capgrass syndrome + depressive psychosis + paranoid thoughts  + adjustment disorder + dysthymia – cured with homeopathy. She explained the benefits of homeopathy in psychiatric disorders and also in acute and chronic hemorrhagic/ bleeding conditions.

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Health Ministry of Abu Dhabi invites Dr Kavita Chandak from Nagpur for a guest lecture on ‘Role of homeopathy in treating Autism’

Dr Kavita Chandak, well-known homeopath from Nagpur, recently got an invitation to deliver a guest lecture on ‘Role of homeopathy in treating Autism’ by the Health Ministry UAE, at Abu Dhabi.

In her speech, Dr Chandak explained various kinds, signs, symptoms, and salient features of autism like difficulty in speech and social interaction. Other problems that she explained were – behavioural problems, lack of communication, obsessed behaviour, not resistant to changes, inability to distinguish between right and wrong, crying for hours without any reason, to name a few. She further highlighted the importance and relevance of homeopathy for the treatment of autism.

Kavita, through a detailed power point presentation and a video case, demonstrated the life of the autistic child and the parents before and after the homeopathy treatment. Kavita, who’s been researching on autism since last five years, even explained the probable causes of autism. In her speech, she threw light on how homeopathy can help in curing autism and other behavioural disorders that develop after heavy metal toxicity and vaccination. She even suggested the dietary changes that are needed by the patients during the treatment of autism. She said that since autistics have aversion, desire and fear for specific colors, homeopathy could help the patients in solving this problem.

This conference was a joint event of UAE Health Ministry, Tunasial Homeopathic Society and Central Council of India, which took place at Rotana Beach Resort, Abu Dhabi.

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