Nagpur’s Dr Kavita Chandak conferred with Honorary Doctorate in Thailand

Dr Kavita Chandak being conferred with Honorary Doctorate during the convocation ceremony held in Bangkok

Nagpur’s well-known homeopathic physician Dr Kavita Chandak was recently conferred with an Honorary Doctorate by France’s Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbon University at a convocation ceremony held at Hotel Lotus in Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Dr Chandak was awarded because for her work experience and her socio-medical contribution towards welfare of society.

Present during the convocation ceremony were Clarence de la Faide (Secretary General, Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbon University), Jury president Dr Jhon Thomas, European social activist Annet Suji, Dr DK Sharma (Director, Foreign Education Society, India), Uttar Pradesh politician Roli Tiwari, among other prominent guests.


Nagpur’s Dr Kavita Chandak presents research papers at 73rd World Homeopathic Congress in SA

Dr Kavita Chandak, well-known homeopath from Nagpur, was recently invited to present her research papers at the 73rd World Homeopathic Congress held at Cape Town in South Africa.

The first research paper, which Dr Chandak presented was on the topic – Role of Homeopathy to support the reduction of steroids and immune suppresser drugs used in Dentistry. For preparing the research paper, Dr Chandak worked tirelessly with Nagpur dentist Dr Sanjog Chandak at his clinic for over two years.

Speaking during her presentation, Dr Kavita Chandak explained the role of homeopathy specifically in cases of Oral Lichen Planus, Sub Mucus Fibrosis and Trigeminal Neuralgia. She explained the benefits, contradictions as well as the adverse effects of the use of steroids in dentistry. She also mentioned the contribution of homeopathy in above disorders with its non-toxic effects.

During her second presentation, Dr Chandak threw light on the ‘Role of Homeopathy in curing Autism as well as other Psychiatric Disorders.’ During her presentation, she thoroughly explained about – Depression, OCD, Hysteria, and suicidal tendency with the benefit of homeopathy in the treatment of the respective diseases.

Over the years, Dr Kavita Chandak has conducted seminars in various countries. As per Dr Chandak, it’s a challenge to deal major troubles of dentistry with homeopathy and for that she appreciated the co-operation of dentist Dr Sanjog Chandak.